Bertha (delphenuse) wrote,


OMG take a hint: I left to leave.
Your friends aren't mine. I'm not picking up their calls. I'm not keeping their birthdays in mind. I feel no guilt in hanging up on them or adding their e-mail addresses to my spam box.

Blah~ I hate being told I have to do ridiculous things.

1. Don't drink water
2. Use a herbal brew wherever you would have used water, for a month at least
3. Don't eat anything that's not above room temperature
4. Don't drink anything that's not above room temperature
5. Don't bathe
6. Don't wash your hair
7. In fact, don't get wet (?! wat am i.. gremlin after midnight?)
8. Wipe with ginger water if you must (huh....?)
9. Stay laid down
10. Don't eat (list of foods here)
11. Get someone to help take care of the baby and don't you do a thing (um.. NO?)

"I can't go and see you"
Damn straight you can't!
Who the hell said you were invited? Don't you invite yourself to my presence.

OMG Stay the hell away from me!
I moved all the way to the US, lived in a hole in the ghetto, don't answer the phone without an appointment
What? You lot think I did it cuz I hate money? I don't like free rent? I don't like bubble tea? I don't like good sushi? Big house, nice car? Hate Canadian weather? Public heatlhcare? Clean streets? Smart banking?

Who said I wanted to see you or have interest in you seeing my baby?
I don't care for your charity; I want your "stay the hell away from me"
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